What Is Ethercare?

Ethercare is a token built under the ethereum ERC20 line based blockhain. Ethercare was created for forming an ecosystem that is put together in the a communities where from there every member could exchange information and help each other in internal matter and external community. Along with the existence of a solid community, Ethercare tokens will be more known by people that later will bring positive impact for the member of Ethercare Community as the holder.

Ethercare is present without the execution of crowdfunding or Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Naturally, the risk of losing money due to a project failure or the existence of fraudulent developers is almost nothing or 0% RISK. With Ethercare community we are hoping for a positive change for the community and also for the cryptocurrency actors. Even without crowdfunding or ICO, with a concept governed by Ethercare management, we believe the value tokens will be formed naturally in the future. We certainly do not understand that in the Ethercare community there is a contribution from other parties in the development of Ethercare, be it in advertising, capital and other expertise. This is because we also won't be able to run well without the support of the Ethercare community.

Meet our Team

Wahyu Hidayat

Founder - CEO

Cryptocurrency Expert

Business Analyst

Kukuh Nugroho

Co-Founder - CTO

Graphic Designer

Web Designer

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